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Term refering to the average fan of the New York Yankees. Along with an incredible ardor for their home team, obnoxious Yankees fans are distinct for their loud, rude and simply obnoxious behavior. Along with the Yankees themselves, the fans are part of the reason Boston hates New York.
I just wanted to go get my mail but my obnoxious Yankees fan neighbor kept yelling "who's your daddy" and thrusting at me...

The judge let me off because all I did was run over an obnoxious Yankees fan.
by Tessie October 18, 2004

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anyone who always cheers for the winning team, for no other reason than they usually win
Ryan, our obnoxious yankees fan, was cheering for USC until UT took the lead, at which point he decided to cheer for his fellow longhorns.
by ali is the greatest April 11, 2006