someone who is both oblivious to the world around them and is also a complete idiot.

an oblivious idiot.
Look at all these obliviots on the road today, just cutting eachother off left and right.
by B-Wild December 09, 2010
Top Definition
An oblivious idiot.
Someone who stops in the middle of the aisle in the supermarket blocking the way with their trolley so nobody can get past and not even realise it. Can be applied to many similar situations.
by Malcolm Bartlett - Freak July 21, 2003
Oblivious idiots. People who are completely unaware of their surroundings, even though they should be.
I almost ran over that obliviot when she crossed the street without even looking.
by 1310 Ticket October 05, 2006
an oblivious idiot
Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan are in a dead heat for "Obliviot of the Year."
by Steven Herraiz January 24, 2014
An oblivious idiot. An absent minded individual with no sense of situation awareness.
The guy in front of you that fills his cup, drinks some, then fills it to the top again, takes a drink, fills it AGAIN... what an obliviot.
by Katwoman2014 November 19, 2013
An oblivious idiot.
"Dude came out of the portapotty, thought he'd lost his keys, so he goes back in and gets his arm stuck digging for them. The firemen free him and hose him off. He then discovers his keys in his back pocket."

"What an obliviot!"
by El-Greggo April 03, 2009
An idiot who is oblivious to his/her own stupidity.
Hey, Karen forgot to wear pants to school today. What an obliviot.
by Toky0 July 17, 2009
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