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When you seem Obama you are overcome with the urge to cry like a woman.
Obamaitis occurs when watching Ophra and Jesse Jackson at Obamas acceptence speech.
by ObamaitisMan November 09, 2008
Recent defintion of Obama supporters who got the Obama "Fever" but are now recovering from that fever after realizing all that "Hope and Change" are not working out like they intended.
That guy had Obamaitis back in 2008, but I think he's been cured now.
by DannyBoy712 December 02, 2011
Sick of hearing the name obama
If I hear the name Obama one more time, I'm gonna get Obamaitis and blow my brains out.
by QuietInsanity January 22, 2009
a condition allowing the affected to hear only one voice, theirs
the president seemed sincere when he said the NSA was not siphoning all data from everywhere. actually he was exhibiting a symptom of obamaitis
by chue May 29, 2014
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