drugs you up with allot to were you can not feel pain
Obama care=does not care
by turtle_pro March 06, 2015
The opposite of a McNugget, q.v.
“Interestingly, the polls show that most Americans don’t like Obamacare but they love what’s in it when it all gets broken down,” said Jimmy Kimmel, who hosts the ABC-TV program Jimmy Kimmel Live. “It’s like the opposite of a McNugget.
by Mercy Mercy Mild October 15, 2013
The Affordable Care Act limits insurance premiums and mandates personal coverage. It's basically identical to RomneyCare, enacted by Mitt Romney in 2006.

The mandate was originally proposed in the 1990s by Newt Gingrich and the Heritage Foundation, as a free market response against Hillary Clinton's plan.
ObamaCare is RomneyCare.

ProTip: If it's based on for-profit insurance companies, it's not "socialized medicine".
by JeffGannon August 31, 2012
also known as socialism. giving all Americans cheap bull shit health care. a plan to destroy the quality of health care
john: shit i just broke my arm!
barrack: thats ok john, we can take you to the doctor. you will be fine
5 hours later
john: when will my arm get fixed?!
barrack: wait your turn john, other americans need to go first. they havent been to the doctor in a really long time.
john: fuck obamacare! what happened to the old health care system? i would be at home right now!
barrack: but john, the old system was expensive. the new system is fair and cheap. a little patience and we will be out by tomorrow morning!
john: fuck you obama. i want quality bitch!
by notredame4320 August 16, 2009
the plan proposed by President Barack Hussein Obama to make the US health care system more like that of Canada
"Dude how did your Senator vote on Obamacare?"
"uh I think he voted for it, which is tight, cause socialism rocks man"
by fightforfreedom July 29, 2009
1. n. A term invented by impoverished, dumb-ass neocons to apply negative connotation to the bi-partisan, congressional health care plan.

2. n. A term created to align this struggling bill--being impeded by billion-dollar insurance industries and represented by "the people" organized by Fox News in a "grassroots" movement--with President Barack Obama.

3. n. A term used by dumb shits who watch Glenn Beck and oppose government-run healthcare and are more likely to follow a 7th-Day Adventist ideology over SOCIALISM!!!!!!1!1!1 Hurrr Durrrr
Glenn: I don't want nunna that OBAMACARE! Keep the government away from my doctors and away from my guns!

Dale: But Glenn, the government's not taking your guns, and most doctors approve of the Congressional Health Care Reform plan.

Glenn: What are you, a retard!? Obama wants death panels and socialism!

Dale: Glenn, you idiot, do you even know what socialism is?

Glenn: No. I might be able to figure it out, but my head hurts like hell.

Dale: You should go to the doctor, you've had migraines for quite a while.

Glenn: I would, but I don't have any money cuz Barack Hussein ruined the economy, and I lost my job to some Mex-eee-cans!

Dale: Wasn't that George W. Bush who ruined the eco--ah never mind.
by DURRRR "Libtard" October 18, 2009
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