A complete and utter failure leading to chaos and catastrophe. Something which fails to live up to even a small fraction of its hype or accomplish any of its goals or objectives is said to have done an Obamacare.
Dude, the Houston Astro's 2013 season was a complete Obamacare!
by Matt Troy December 18, 2013

When someone completely screws something up, especially related to the Internet.
That computer geek completely obamacared my Internet service. What a moron.

Damn! I got a virus! I shouldn't have been obamacaring around on shifty websites.

You dropped my birthday cake?!? Why do you obamacare everything you touch?
by Nobody77 January 03, 2014
O•ba•ma•Care: yes-we’re-screwed – ‘effin mess: an ill conceived law by left wing wacko nut jobs and supported only by the democratic party that gives the option of:
1. forces financially well-off young healthy American citizens to purchase and pay more for Health Insurance to cover the needs and cost of health care for lazy obese ignorant crack whores, 2 pack-a-day smokers, alcoholics and any other degenerate of this nation who because of their lack of morals and work ethic pay nothing or 2. risk being fined.
holy shit they actually passed that piece of shit legislation called ObamaCare
by FatherOfK2 March 23, 2010
According to Stephan Colbert it is the actual root phrase from where the word ObamaCare comes from.
The etimology of ObamaCare is actually O Bam a Car E! This indicates that the program is like a Buick that hits you at a crosswalk and then drags you to see a government doctor who replaces your lung with a muffler.
by Ballistic2010 August 23, 2011
Yet another plan by our president to hand out money paid to the government by working people to lazy, worthless fucktards with an overwhelming sense of entitlement.
Lazy Person on Obamacare: Cool, I have a doctor's appointment in seven months to get to the bottom of these mild headaches I seem to get three or four times a year.

Person with a job: Cool, now not only am I paying for your food, food for your seven children and lazy spouse, and mortgage, but now I get to pay for your needless doctor visits!

Lazy Person on Obamacare: Hey, it's my birthday! Did you get me anything???

Person with a job: Yes, here is a "You're Welcome" card. I printed it off my computer since I couldn't afford one from the store after paying all my taxes.
by The Balthazar September 02, 2009
the act of utilizing a curious george bandaid for treatment of a cut, scrape or abrasion.
I am glad I had obamacare for my scraped knee!
by pennyp1 December 16, 2011
poison to your money
i should know i has obama care and im poor each day I HATE OBAMACARE
by catfuzz December 15, 2014

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