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Obama Rig- same as Nigger Rigging having to do with him being black the real "Politicaly Correct" term.
i was working on my car and the gas line was too short so i used an Obama Rig to join two pieces together
by Cobraman May 26, 2009
Similar to nigger-rigging something or making a quick shotty repair to something that is destined to fail. Usually, the fix is a cheap or quick fix to a large problem that would require extensive overhaul, money or time to fix correctly
Do you have this car part in stock? No, alright well I guess I'll have to Obamarig something.

That health care system seems like it was really Obamarigged
by icesoldier March 06, 2011
The act of a President illegally using executive power to pass a bill or law without the approval of congress.
Obama just obamarigged another unconstitutional immigration law onto the books.
by alchoholicanonymous April 09, 2015

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