Obama is an mocha skinned failure that hates America.
Obama bin Laden sucks
by poophead25 January 25, 2011
Top Definition
Basically its just barack obama... what a communist
Remember how obama won the peace prize... he is a cultural terrorist... his new name is Obama Bin Laden
by McCooleyMac June 22, 2011
The theory that 44th American President Barack Obama is, in fact, Osama bin Laden. The theory revolves around Al-Qaeda head Osama bin Laden, having changed his identity through plastic surgery or other means, emerging as president Barack Obama.
Conspiracy theorist: "Hey man, the end times are here, man! Did you hear about Obama bin Laden? That's right! He's the same guy. It's in Revelations."
by Divisonbear May 07, 2009
Presidential hopeful Barry Obama's secret alter-ego; the only alternative that the Democratic Party could seem to find to the Feminazi Crackwhore that used to run the United States under the assumed name of "Bill Clinton".
American Voter1: "Who the fuck you gonna vote for? The old fart, or that Obama guy?"

American Voter2: "His name ain't Obama, asshole. Obama's the guy behind 911 - you know, Obama bin Laden. You mean Barrack Osama. I'm votin' for him."
by Daniel61 June 11, 2008
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