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A radical plan to stimulate our economy that has been rumored to go into effect next year. This plan legalizes weed for one day (4/20) and allows only certain stores to sell whatever kind of food cooked with marijuana they desire. It is a proven fact that pot smokers are on the rise, especially with rappers such as Lil' Wayne who idolize pot smoking. This plan could make for one of America's most profitable days of the year, perhaps even surpassing Christmas!
The Stair Case Kids were just chillin (obviously on the staircase) and they realized that Obama's 4:20 Stimulus Plan could stimulate the economy and their minds at the same time!
by StairCaseKids April 26, 2009
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noun: One of many of Savior Obamas many dumb fuck ideas. then again going to a druggy liberal college makes drugs seem good. we really are fucked til 2012, if he hasnt appointed himself dictator by then
Stoner: "You hear about Obama's 4:20 Stimulus Plan?"

Bill : "Yeah, what a dumb shit idea. just goes to show what a fucking moron druggy President we have. Lets all just "hope" that this will change in 2012
by hiphopanonymousanonymous December 12, 2009

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