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Obama's re- election depends on him looking darker, that way he can be more appealing to the African American community and get their vote in 2012. President Obama recentley took a vacation to Panama City for a swim and to prove the water is clean.
Obama: " Man, I need to look more black ,so all the niggas can vote fo me!"

Kanye West: " Try the Obama Spill Darkening Solution my nigga, all it takes is a swim in the Gulf of Mexico and the black oil will turn you're skin darker, watch out fo them gay fish tho!"
The Obama Spill Darkening Solution works by adding oil spill water in your skin, waiting 5 to 10 minutes and the last part envolves getting a tan for another 10 minutes.

another interesting fact: The obama darkening solution helped white people scam the Alaskan government during the exxon valdez oil spill by turning them dark like the inuit people so they could get a compensation check for their polluted beaches.
#nigga #oil spill #bp #obama #panama city
by topmountain August 17, 2010
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