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The complete and utter halt of any and all traffic in Ottawa, Canada while President Obama rolls around in his monster sled aptly named "The Beast" for 6 hours.

P.S. I hope the "Beavertail" was worth tying up Ottawa traffic for an extra hour durring rush hour.
Usually I pick my blazing hot wife up at 3:46, but due to the Obama Jam, she spent an hour sitting in a crappy OC Transpo bus waiting for The Beast to roll by.
by Shaithis February 20, 2009
The unfortunate result of a Presidential visit to your city adversely affecting vehicular and pedestrian traffic alike.
I am walking from Madison and 50th to Second and 50th and haven't moved in 30 minutes. How long can the police corral us on the street corner? This can only be an ObamaJam! Grr..
by MacNinja2019 September 22, 2009
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