Oakland NJ is a small town located in Bergen County Dirty Jersey. Even tho its a small town big things happen there. Pleasure Land was a public swimming pool that people from all over NJ and NY would come to play. Well any Weird New Jersey will tell you about the murder and closing shortly after. Oakland then appeared in the news for another murder at an Exxon gas station by a town resident. along with a few robberies Oakland has made a name for itself. Oakland is full of amazing views of 287 and 208. Oakland also has a few places to get a good meal. Mikes dog hut, Oakland Diner, Dairy Queen, and Oakland Pizza are yummy spots in Oakland. Many Oaklanders are asked if they are from Cali. No we are from Jersey. I wouldnt be at the Jersey Shore if i lived in Cali trust me. All in all Oakland is a nice place to visit but you cant afford to live there.
Oakland's taxes are killing my pocket.

"hey what do you wanna do to night my dude" d-rock asked his homeboy,"i dunno lets call those cute oakland chicks!"
by a-geesy December 14, 2010
A wonderful city on the east shore of San Francisco Bay. It is known for its fine weather, Lake Merritt, its beautiful hills, and its sideshows.
Oakland is my home town. It is also home to 10,000 sideshow clowns.
by Sneaky Snyde June 01, 2005
The A City In The Bay Area.. It Is A Good City.. Home Of The Body Bags 41510 Connection fukers san francsico and oakland wayyyy better than tha bitch as 408
San Francisco And Oakland Are Really Gangsta.. And San Jose Is A Sissy City
by DUB S July 22, 2005
a little town in the pan-handle of maryland. Known for deep creek lake.
this chick from deep creek lake has to also live in oakland.
by micbeck June 12, 2008
a sick flick theme park but ders only like 4 of dem in britain and one in wales where i went on holiday its nang bang
"daddy daddy lets go to oakland tomorrow"
"shut the f*** up son we don't have enough money to"
by shershah June 11, 2005
The county seat of Garrett County, Maryland. This small crap town sits on a mountain and is cold as hell in the winters. The biggest store there is the local Wal Mart and Sheetz is the dead center of the entire place.

Oakland is home to the B&O Train Station. Body and Odor Train Station. Amazing. Oakland is also very, very small, when it comes to the number of people. Only a bit over 1,000

From the center of town (3rd Street), churches, churches, and more churches branch out around it. There are the three biggest churches all on one block on 4th Street.

Then there are the farms. Acres and acres of farmland. Many people have cows, others have sheep and horses. It's a very rural place. A lot of people move here thinking it's a good place to raise children.

It's not.
Rednecks, hillbillies, and hicks. We've got 'em all!

If you like fun, excitement, and just a good ole get together with your friends at a local club, stay the hell away from Oakland!
by Jennifer S. January 25, 2008
Oakland is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey. As of the United States 2000 Census, the borough had a total population of 12,466. It is the most north western municipality in Bergen County, which is one of the richest counties in the nation, tagged as being the "O.C. of the east coast". Teens in Oakland typically attend Indian Hills High School, known for its successful academics and athletic programs. Oakland has been the home to many celebrities due to its location just outside New York City, such as musical artist Eve. Oakland is the neighboring town of Fraklin Lakes, home of Derek Jeter and Phil Simms, perhaps the wealthiest town in the east. While driving through Oakland, it is common to see over 10 BMWs, Hummers or Mercedes within 5 minutes.
There are so many hot ladies in Oakland.

Those Oakland kids are so fresh, I wish I could roll with them.
by Steve McGreeve May 17, 2006
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