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A not half bad town full of every and any type of people you can think of, a stones throw away from Chicago. (connects to Chicago just Northeast of 87th and Cicero.) Full of suburban life and pride which over the years have led to the creation of many crews and petty crime syndicates such as the Boushnofs, O.L. Two Tones, 2-2's, ect.
Home to many former Bridgeport, Cicero, and Canaryville natives.
Oak Lawn dubbed the 60453 is the spot, straight business on the weekdays and on Friday/Saturday if your looking for a decent house party with good people you will not be in search for long.
by Steve Rodriguez December 20, 2006
A suburban town a few minutes away from chicago. Oaklawn is fairly quiet, but on the weekends you can usually find a few partys. The most exciting part of oaklawn is definetly the mall. You can find everybody here, like that gay kid you knew in eigth grade, and a creepy guy in a trenchcoat with dyed blonde hair and multiple piercings :D Oaklawn is by no means "ghetto" but has still earned nicknames like Smokelawn and tokelawn from its... younger residents. Oaklawn has plenty of places to eat too. Some local favorites: Billy boys, panera bread, and jason's deli. Oh and oaklawn has plenty of sex offenders to keep you company :D
Bob:"Hey dude wanna go to oaklawn?"
Eric:"Nah dude that place is full of sex offenders"
by Gherolinkinpark May 03, 2009
the town where every one smokes because they think they're cool, also where every one drinks because they think there are cool.
have you been to oak lawn lately?

helllz yeaaaaaa.
by tmh fo sho October 03, 2009
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