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Proven wrong by the Oprah Winfrey Network.
I thought no one liked to receive new cars for free, but I got OWN'd.
by geolmuse March 02, 2011
10 2
1. The less fagtastic way of saying 0wn3d.
2. Beaten to an embarassing degree of humiliation.
3. Proven to be a complete 'tard.
Domestic Disturbance's civic gets ownd daily.
by sfw February 24, 2004
103 28
1. Being completely wrong in any situation and someone calling you out on it:
"Steve was wrong, he got ownd by Jim."
2. Beating somone so badly to the point of complete humiliation:
"You got fuckin ownd!"
3. Being stupid:
"I got ownd."
"You've been completely ownd."
by Shevon July 25, 2005
58 23
Getting your ass served to you on a silver platter.
You just got your ass ownd by a n00b!
by FU5!0N December 23, 2006
43 28
uber-l33t non-smacktarded version of the word owned or pwned
Dude, three consecutive kills as a Skulk? Own'd!
by LazerMane September 15, 2003
18 6
To be beaten badly in some form very popular language in online games also used as a way of bragging about a win
Gamer 1:No way you can beat my rock sword!
Gamer 2:Just watch me!
(Gamer 2 kills Gamer 1 badly)
Gamer 2:OWND!!!!
Gamer 1:don't get too happy...
by Big Boi90 March 02, 2008
11 6
To have an interview with Oprah Winfrey and broadcast on the Oprah Winfrey Network, such as Lance Armstrong or that guy who wrote A Million Little Pieces.
I just saw Lance Armstrong having an interview with Oprah about his use of performance enhancing drugs. Lance Armstrong got OWN'd!
by serotonin654 January 17, 2013
0 0