Ota is short for Otaku
So he's an ani ota, hehh?
by texhno November 10, 2006
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Organized Team Activity. Often used to describe preseason activities in the NFL. Sometimes incorrectly defined as Offseason team activities.
Brian Urlacher did not report to Bear's voluntary OTAs today, citing contract disagreement with the team.
by aljezzera June 11, 2008
On the air, used when talking about radio or DJs.
"This is DJ Bender OTA with you today on Frogbox Radio."
by KalvPants May 01, 2010
acronym meaning "out the ass"
Man strega I wish I could give you a ride home but I've got homework ota.
by civicguy22 October 16, 2011
one time anal star
yeah she is definately an OTAS
by 1a4k6 February 18, 2013
option three assassins
saskatchewan tagging crew,

along with ccb "commited chronic bots"
very detailed art
ota' are the shit
by OTA-CCB October 07, 2009
O.T.A is an acronym for Older Than Average.
You're at a bar and you see some fine early 30's to 40+ women. These types of women look out of place in a college bar. They are OTA. "Dude, check out those females over there" "Nice, but a little OTA"
by Greg610 July 15, 2006

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