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Ovarian Protection Barrier. AKA Beer Belly. When a man's stomach is so enlarged that it becomes a barrier during intercourse, so much so that the belly acts as protection for the ovaries of the female.
Although he used to be quite suave and debonair in his youth, now his flirtation with my wife was a benign act due to his rotund OPB. Her ovaries were now safe from penetration.
by Wait for it.... April 24, 2009
OPB stands for Other People's Bull. This is the type of nonsense that comes out of a person's mouth that hasn't been researched or fact checked. It is very close to gossip but mostly is used in terms of political propaganda.
Why you gotta be regurgitating OPB, JaNeal? Did you even do your own research before forming an opinion? I'm not down with OPB, yeah you know me!
by ibreakcameras December 07, 2010
the Orignal Pussy bitch
Austin is the OPB

your such an OPB
by pimp as fuck June 29, 2007
Other people's butts - used cigarettes.
This cheap ass nigger was smoking OPBs out of the the trash.
by Herpina May 15, 2011
ol pumpkin butt, an ass that looks like a pumpkin
some peeps call celina OPB, but i think dat junk n da trunk iz da shiznit.
by rob n da houz May 04, 2008