on man rag
on his man rag
omg bryan is omr
#omr #omg #rag #period #man rag
by andsrox June 12, 2009
"One More Round"

Used by the UFC "Cutman" who would quickly fix up the fighters after each round so they can go, "One More Round"
FAN 1: "Damn Brock got cut above his eye!"

FAN 2: "Don't worry, the Cutman is helping him out. OMR"
#omr #ufc #cutman #cut #blood
by DENT ME dot COM May 31, 2009
Oh my Rafa!

Phrase used by tenage girls who are in love with the green eyes and dirty blonde hair of a hott boy named rafa
OMR i was at the store and saw rafa
#omg #omfg #god of all gods #rafael #perfect man
by andsrox June 11, 2009
Oh My Rod. used to replace OMG
OMR the ship is about to explode.
by Beavis666 November 22, 2004
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