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Short for 'Oh my fucking god, Barbeque Hacks'.

A random term often used in many games such as the Warcraft III game, DotA (Defense of the Ancients).

It is usually used after getting killed and/or can be used as an accusation that someone is hacking, cheating, exploiting or playing unfairly in the game. (e.g. maphacking)
Tatsumaki has activated anti-hack. Their may be some brief lag for a period of time and any players who are hacking will be removed form the game.

Rjay has left the game.

cdp has left the game.

tarantado (all):OMFGWTFBBQHAX

cdp has pawned Rjay for 500 gold.


cdp (all): QQ NUBCAKE

Rjay (all): zfz cbf

Rjay has left the game.
by Tatsumaki.. November 11, 2009
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