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When a noob repeatedly uses a cheap tactic, or keeps doing something stupid over and over after being told to stop a million times, you say OMFG NOOB!
-Example 1-

Noob: "l4wlz 1 g0t h34d$h0t!!!~~~ 1m 1337!!!!!!!~~~~~

Guy: "Shut up noob."

Noob: "1 c4n t0k 1f 1 w4nt 2!~~~ lololololololololololololol

Guy: "Dude would you please shut the hell up?"

Noob: "~~lololololololololol~~~ rotfl ~lol!!!!!!!!!! 1337~~~"

Noob: "suiehgo9yew54ighskjhe; gaie4ytivhgpuhgp947g"

Noob: "lololololol lvsdo9ty3wo97yt873y7thg b8tgb!!!~"

Guy: OMFG NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Example 2-

*Noob uses a cheap tactic*

Guy: "Please dont do that."

Noob: "$tfu n008 1 k1(k ur @$$ m0th3r fuck3r!!!~~~"
*Noob does it again*

Guy: "Dude just stop!"

*Noob does it again*

Guy: "STOP!"

Noob: "fu(k u! u ju$ je410u$ cus 1m 1337!!~~~~
*Noob does it again*

Multiple people: "OMFG NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by DUH_ June 30, 2009
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