How Yoda would LOL in LOL speak. Short for Out Loud I Am Laughing.
Apprentice: I'll show YOU the dark Side!
by SnM77 June 15, 2009
Top Definition
LOL has become a common phrase for youths of the 21st century, and anyone can say LOL whether they are truly laughing out loud or not; therefore, a new acronym, one just as easily accessible, needed to be made to prove that the sender was indeed laughing out loud. Thus, OLIAL, Out Loud I Am Laughing, was born, to separate the true laughing-out-loud folk from the wannabes.
(texting conversation)
Claire: Hey Marin check out this gif from The Office
Marin: OLIAL I love Dwight and Jim
via giphy
by cbdon June 04, 2016
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