Rum, after a glass of orange juice was supsected of actually being rum.
1. have fun slamming down that OJ!
by Jane__ May 30, 2005
- overjoyed.
- extremely joyfull.
- :)).
- like LOL.
- originated from 3rd yr-FAITH =)
"hahaha.oj ako! :))"

"nkk-oj naman yung sinabe mo."
by 3faith_oj kami March 27, 2008
Original jokesters. If you are a original jokester then you are an OJ.
Ashton and Michelle made an original joke that was so funny. Therefore they are Ojs.
by Moe Boss July 18, 2006
A Ford Bronco(the car O.J. Simpson was gettin chased in)
You would say "OH U WHIPPIN A OJ?".Niggas in Oakland say it
by KILLAKAY March 05, 2004
An innocent ex-football player who is disliked because of his random murdering habits and mild-mannerness, and his beautiful Ford Bronco
OJ is my HERO!!!!!
by Kobe Bryant October 08, 2003
To Receive Oral sex (Oral Job)
She's giving him an oj in the bedroom right now.
by Piggy50 March 02, 2008
Just short for orange, especially in starcraft and other games!
oj, hurry up! oj, you suck!
by Eppoeh October 31, 2007

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