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A fictional bacteria from the MSX game "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake". It is capable of producing crude oil and replicating at an astounding pace, and is planned to be used as a fuel source by humanity. However, while Dr. Marv, its inventor, is on his way to a conference to present the formula, he is kidnapped by a terrorist group led by Big Boss, thus triggering the events of the game. At the end, it is supposedly delivered to the colonel.
Dr. Marv and the OILIX formula have been taken to Zanzibar land. You must recover them, snake.
by Mr Dark May 05, 2008

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A micro-organism that can enrich crude oil and replicate it. Said to be cheap (as in low-cost).
"If someone could develop a micro-organism capable of enriching & purifying oil, we'd have a nearly infinite supply of oil! ^.^ Sadly, it's all fiction. -.-' "
by Dave November 30, 2004