People usually say "Oh SNAP!" as an exclaimation, and it can be either positive or negative.
Positive: "Oh SNAP i aced the test yo!"
Negative: "Oh SNAP i forgot to pop the popcorn!"
by Bluestrike February 13, 2010
the INCORRECT usage of OH SNAP, mostly used by dorks who are making a poor attempt at using slang they are unaccustomed to.
Hilary: Oh Snaps!

Ali: Its NOT snapS ROSE!
by ali the almighty February 24, 2010
Something quickly catches your attention, startling, close call, also could be "Oh Snaps"
(Walking down the street, bird poo almost hits you) "Oh Snap!"
by Beau Selekta July 07, 2004
an oh-snap is a way of saying g-string, with out any of the guys knowing what you are saying. for instance, if you want to discuss what color every ones is, use the term oh-snap.
girl one: omg....u can TOTALLY see her oh-snap. what a slut.

girl one: oooh. 0.0 oh crap!
by lexerz twin February 17, 2010
it simply means oh shit!
A car almost hits you, Oh Snap!
by viperboi65 February 19, 2005
If something bad just happened or a person has made a big mistake.
oh snap! I forgot to do my homework.
by jamezyhizzle July 02, 2009
Used in taunting your manager when you make comments on his wife leaving him due to infidelity.
Me: "Hey scott I did your wife last night, not that it matters because she left your sorry ass anyway when she caught you screwing 18 year olds"
Derek: "OH SNAP!"
by reinventingaxlrose November 22, 2004

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