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Phrase used in exclamation in reply to someone's insult or bitchy comment. Often said in a high-pitched tone that only canine animals can hear. The higher the pitch, the greater the insult taken. Sometimes can be doubled up, if two people attack one person.
Innocent person 1: 'Can I borrow your pan please?'
Bitch 1: 'WELL, I am not being funny, but you did not clean it properly last time and there was egg all over it.'
Innocent person 1: 'OH RIIIIGHT'

Innocent person 1: 'Did you have a good night last night?'

Bitch 1: 'WELL, we would have done if you weren't being a big drunken bastard!!!'

Innocent person 1: 'OH RIIIIGHT!!!'

Bitch 2: 'Yeah especially when you threw your drink on me!'

Innocent person 1: 'OH RIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!'
by TobiasGreenwald November 18, 2009
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