Obama Fan Base. Used to describe supporters of Barack Obama. Especially those online.
Oh, the OFB is going to really get riled up about that.
by Lulu73 April 05, 2008
Top Definition
Old fashioned bush.

The untrimmed pubic hair of a woman. See 1970s porn.
She wasn't much of a razor fan. When she dropped her panties, her OFB was so thick, I thought I was in the rain forest.
by TittyFace Jenkins June 10, 2009
An expansion pack in The Sims 2, it's the third expansion pack for The Sims 2, released on March 3, 2006, which allows Sims to run a home or community lot based business. Aspyr released a port of the game for Mac OS X on September 4, 2006.
Sarah: "Hey Cassandra!! Do you have The Sims 2 OFB? I think that's one of my favorite The Sims 2 expansion packs."

Cassandra: "No, sorry Sarah i only have one expansion pack, it's The Sims 2: Nightlife."
by Oddles August 12, 2009
Noun. acronym for the "Open for Business" sign - as in, eagerly seeking a relationship with the opposite sex. Most typical of single females in their mid to late 20's when their apparent lack of wanting to be alone becomes apparent to the untrained eye.
Dave: "That's weird, Eve just asked if I want to go to lunch on Wednesday. Didn't she just get out of a relationship with Adam?"

Russ: "About a month ago, and I had lunch with her last wednesday. Her OFB is in the window."
by Spike83 July 21, 2008
Online Flirt buddy. One with whom one has some degree of cybersex.
A common four-letter word starting with F is frequently substituted for Flirt.
Her OFB got cold feet when he heard she was coming to town.
by scotte61 September 06, 2006
oh fucking balls
OFB I have a test tomorrow that I haven't studied for yet. Im fucked
by hayder9990 July 07, 2011
Noun: The acronym OFB stands for the term Old Fake Boobs. It is used to describe implants that were implanted a long time ago, and look very fake. Fake boobs that look like stretched out water balloons. This is commonly seen among frugal, white, female dancers who have PMS and are addicted to alcohol, Xanax and Prozac.
Brian: "Hey Kyle, Lindsay K. is OFB!"
Kyle: "She should have gotten a nose job instead! hahaha"
by Coronas69 June 02, 2013
Official Fuck Buddy
Guy or girl who you use for sex only is your OFB
by xoxoK April 21, 2011

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