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Overdoseing or Overdoing
Making something out to be something it isnt or blowing things out of proportion

Or Doing More Than Enough Drugs At 1 Time
Larry:Dude..I Heard You Fucked Jen
Seth: Man You Are O-D-ing
by AkuaNura May 14, 2008
when you've gone too far. In effect to 'overdose' on a joke or yourself.
Yo man you're OD'ing
by Gr8One24 May 06, 2003
Exclamation: Expressing anger, surprise, or frustration. Slightly fresh, possibly cute.
Karla: O Ding! Did you see that? Marilyn just fell off the roof!

Zooey: No, is she okay? I was at a Scout Niblett gig where she was playing Spooka music.

Karla: O Ding, I did not realise that Scout was playing here.
by untroduction September 19, 2010