Obsessive Comment Disorder (noun) Having one thought or pursuing one activity to the absolute or nearly absolute exclusion of all others to make remarks or observations, as on an action, an event, a proceeding, or an opinion; especially, to write critical or expository notes on the works of an author while suffering a disturbance of the normal physical or mental health of; state of being deranged.

(verb)To make a comment; remark, excessive in degree or nature intending to disturb the order of; to derange or disarrange; to throw into confusion

(adj) To behave like a "Troll"
"Some leftist "troll" went OCD on a Constitutional Law forum, ironically he utilized the first amendment without realizing it."

"A "Demorat" was trying to defend Obama's policies on last nights thread but contradicted every last one of their posts, total OCD."

"After posting a new profile pic, a "creeper" went completely OCD."
by McSnappypants February 24, 2012
Obsessive Capaldi Disorder.
Being obsessed about actor, Peter Capaldi
MAT: Dude I have OCD.
DUDE: WTF yur obviously lying.
MAT: NO! I have Obsessive Capaldi Disorder.
by artfoxMS April 06, 2015
obsessive compulsive disorder; disease that causes you to form certain habits or clean compulsively, etc.
it really sucks to have ocd.
by cato January 18, 2004
obsessive compulsive disorder.

People with the mental illness appear to be daydreaming, distracted, noncompliant, disinterested , lazy , mischevious.
the truth is :

lazy - because we are mentally tired of everything.

ocd is bad , it really tires your mind , you get depressed and sometimes , you feel like doing nothing , at all.

mischevious - because we have to act on these compulsions or it will linger in your mind until it gets so stressful that you get panics attacks that may even caused seizures and even death.However, The compulsions to do things are mostly evil. So you get fked no matter what.
by sbztiga123sat October 15, 2011
A problem that can be commonly over looked. Causes certain thoughts and fears that someone without OCD might not have. The older a person is who has never been treated will most likely have worse problems, then a 14 teen year old being diagnosed.
The girl refused to eat anything that was made by someone that did not came out of packages, because her ocd caused super sensory toward germs.
by Mentalchick March 30, 2011
A disorder that can be a mild illness or a severe illness.
The disorder includes the following: Obsessive thoughts, problems with concentration/focusing... Etc.
Example of an event that can often occur: Scratching left side of your cheek, then scratching right, and then both, and continuing until the 'ritual' is complete. Personally I have OCD and I can tell you, it is f**king hell having it.
Person 1: *Scratching left cheek, right cheek, then both, doing almost everything symmetrically*.
Person 2: Why are you scratching yourself so much?
Person 1: OCD...
by Purpose Inc. May 30, 2016
One of the worst mental illnesses to exist, something the devil himself pulled out of his asshole to torture all of us.

It's repetitve behavior to fulfill whatever your compulsively thinking about. For me it's washing my hands a.k.a fear of germs. I can't even touch my dog unless I wash my hands afterwards. It's an embarrassing disorder to live with and people will think you're crazy and bizarre. Some will have sympathy for you if they aren't an asshole, having such compulsive behavior can make you very hot and bothered and also others around you very annoyed and overall just depressing.
Because little jimmy had OCD he couldn't stop thinking about washing his hands after he touched Rebecca's phone. So he went to the bathroom and washed his hands multiple times. Poor Jimmy
by Lipglossispoppin July 22, 2015
A compulsive disorder caused by a fluid imbalance in someones brain. It is the most difficult mental disorder to live with because you have to fixate on one thing and cant leave it until something else worth fixating on comes up. This is why people with OCD tend to be smarter than some without it.
God, my OCD was acting up today. I spent an hour watching Teletubbies until the doorbell rang.
by awesome124567890 October 09, 2010
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