a verb: to be totally plagerized. for your speech to be picked apart, and the best parts added to another's speech while that person takes total credit for it. and when that person is found out, it's is shrugged off as "silly" and swept under the rug.

also, a verb: to have any and every negative aspect of your existence ignored and forgotten about in order to tear another person, usually an opponent, down. to make others look terrible painting another out to be perfect pretending someone is perfect when he isn't while pretending his opponent is the devil, when she isn't.
"jimmy totally used my valedictorian speech! i've been OBAMAD!!!"

"sally won head cheerleader because brit was totally obamad!"
by Nonya Beezewax February 22, 2008
Top Definition
what you say when you beat someone at a game/competition. To lose.
"I got a royal flush, that beats your two pair....you just been Obama'd!!"
by I DONT DIE March 28, 2010
In June 2009, President Obama sparked controversy and awe by swatting a fly with his bare hands, caught on air, in a "Mr. Miyagi-worthy" fashion.


1) the action of killing a fly by hand.

2) To pwn in general.
1i) Dude, last night I totally OBAMA'd a fly in my car!

1ii) Dude, that fly on your arm got OBAMA'd

2) Dude, we OBAMA'd the other team!
by fakepainfoot June 25, 2009
Mad about the 44th president of the good ol' US of A
Have you seen Jim? he's Obamad
by DiXXC January 29, 2009
1) To get owned in the face so hard because you did such a bad job

2) To get anything relating to Obama
1) Guy 1: Dude Bush got so Obama'd last night.
Guy 2: Fuck yeah that guy sucked dick

2) Guy 1: Dude he spoke so well it made me wanna cry
Guy 2: Dude you got Obama'd
by PWNNNNED January 25, 2009
"Obama'd" (and derivatives such as Obama'ing and just plain Obama)
what does it mean?
it means you just got whupped...
you just got ya butt kicked...
you just got destroyed...
you lost so bad, you got... Obama'd
1- "Yo Tommy started a fight with this juice-head at the club last night, and dude straight Obama'd him..."

2- "Hey did you see the Monday Night Football game? Man. the Steelers were Obama'ing the Redskins!"

3- "Our new designs are gonna Obama the competition."

and last but not least...
4- "John McCain got Obama'd in last nights election!!!"
by gamedayjay November 05, 2008
When you've been owned and you now it.
Hillary Clinton cried when she was Obamad.
by Chris Frase April 04, 2008
Obama'd = verb to massively fuck shit up. To screw over the middle class. To fuck over the military. To rape the shit out of America.
Obama has Obama'd America with the new health care laws.
by Miss 33 December 03, 2013
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