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obsessive compulsive gaming disorder. When someone feels the need to complete every single aspect of a game even if its not theirs. They must unlock every single thing no matter how small it is
Bob gets very little sleep because he is totally O.C.G.D about Super Smash Brothers Brawl
by ~Hashi~ March 22, 2009

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Obsessive Compulsive Gaia Disorder
OCGD is spending up to 10 to 18 hours every day commenting on blogs, pods, QaR's etc.
by FastDart October 03, 2008
Obcessive Compulsive Gaming Disorder;The utter inability to apply ones life to anything non-videogame related. Speaking in text is another clear indication of OCGD. (i.e.: LOL, ROFL, OMG, WTF)
The latest symptom of Little Timmy's OCGD is causing him to go into spastic fits while waiting for Halo 27 to come out.