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Definition: A *MASSIVE* turd of high density, weight, and size. It resembles an Orbital Ballistic Projectile, which is a GIANT rod of metal (often Tungsten) launched from a satellite orbiting the planet. Due to the extraordinary amount of kinetic energy that builds up as it falls to earth, when they impact, these OBPs can have the same power as a nuclear weapon minus the fallout. This type of poop may need a super plunger or a toilet snake if they become lodged within the pipes. They usually also hurt like hell. It may take hours for the stench of an OBP Turd to clear from a bathroom.
Steve: "Dude, you alright in there?"

Josh: "I don't know dude, I just unleashed an O.B.P. Turd in your toilet."

Steve: "Is it broken?"

Josh: "No, it's still in one piece."

Steve: "I meant my toilet..."
by the forbidden fro November 08, 2011
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