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1. A professor of chemistry at Binghamton University (Omowunmi A. Sadik)

2. A harsh grader

3. A provider of examinations which barely pertain to the topics discussed in class, and which are 8 to 65 times more difficult than in-class or textbook examples

4. One who is inclined to use power-point slides and text book images excessively in lecture, in the place of actual, coherently presented information

5. One who speaks with a funny Nigerian accent (good moning,azzuming, mahniplation, adaamic, wok, terrance the four)

6. The woman who has singlehandedly caused me to give up my dreams of being successful in college or going to medical school, and who has caused me to lose faith in god, love, and life itself
"O.A. Sadik is the worst chem professor ever"

Alternate Uses:
"She really pulled a Sadik on that last exam"
by Svenjourgen VonMeltsensen April 21, 2005
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