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The act of placing bright orange Os on Police cars or vehicles of other significant importance. A point system is in place: e.g. Full size SUVs with the engine running and a fully uniformed officer inside counts as 100 points
We went Oing last night and Matt got 100 points for walking up to a suv police unit and 'slapped an O' with the engine running and a cop watching him
by Crazy Pigga October 10, 2004
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If you've ever heard of the term "dinks" meaning "double income, no kids" , Oing is for males that have a decent paying job and are in the age range of 16-25 meaning "One income, No girlfriend". It stops at 25 because if you have no girl at 25, you're a loser.
Derp: Hey dude, You should totally ask that hot-ass chick over there out!
Derpo: El naw bruh, I kinda enjoy the oing life! Listening to bitches bitch and burnin money on 'em is not on my schedule.
by Jett packer December 28, 2011
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