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Tries to get with Boys that are already taken. is somewhat stalkerish.wont say anything to your face, but WILL put it all over facebook. basically, a whore! . Then she will spread rumors about you. Biggest hater in the world!.Normall in dark-skinned, or just dirty. smellls very bad.

Looks like a transvestite, has fake boobs, a megamind head, and cant get dudes. As Pauly, or Vinny, or The Situiation would say, SHES A GRENADE . she loves to hate on other people, she loves dudes, but nobody wants her, so soon, she will become a lesbian .just about, bald headed, walks ugly, gets mad very easily, yells at people who dont even listen to her, a POSER
dude would you do her?
FUCK no, shes such a nysh!
by luvmahaters#55648 December 11, 2010
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