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In a relationship, the girl is the nymphette.
"He told me that I'm his nymphette."
by fallen angel raven January 05, 2006
A sexy young (usually underage) girl. Typically dirty old men like the young ones.
-"Miley is hot! She really is a nymphette and you know how I roll; if there is grass on the field, play ball!"
-"I am going to have to register as a sex offender because I have a problem with these nymphettes."
-"I can't search for nymphette at work anymore because they caught me last week and I already have 2 warnings."

by Rob Yo April 30, 2008
a girl completely obsessed with sex
woah! that pair of nymphettes lastnight were HOT
by Soulmancer April 07, 2005
a girl that is fairy-like.
That girl is nymphette.
by sally June 22, 2004