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the glorious abstinace of sophistication.
It can't be old, it's got to be Nuzzo.
by 3ppl June 14, 2009
Originating from a Anglicized portmanteau of the Latin form "nupta", or "married woman", and late Middle English form "nuzzle" meaning "to rub or push against gently with the nose and mouth."

A person, place, or situation that is perceived to be "creepy" in its nature, often without any direct intention to be perceived as such, or any awareness that it is being perceived as such.
"Kathy, this really old guy at the gym today was being a total nuzzo."

"What was he doing?"

"He would groan loudly every time I would complete one of my 30-second squat holds, and would mumble things behind my back like, 'I'd give you the best 30 seconds of your life.'"


"No, but he was old and hairy and it creeped me out."
by DipstickInstitute May 10, 2016
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