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Some one with extremely pale skin and light hair/eyes. A nuuget has blonde eye brows and eye lashes, and in extreme cases, their hair blends in with their skin. Also known as; a Q-tip, almost albino...etc. If a nuuget were to lay out in the sun, or tan in a tanning bed they would get burned right away.

Being a nuuget is not a bad thing, there are hot nuugets too. Also, being a nuuget is not only physical but also comes with a personality, a nuuget is the nice guy, that will do anything for his friends, loyal, dependable...noble. nuugets are kind of like gingers, but the only difference is, nuugets have souls.

for example...
a nuuget would say:

"guys, before we go to the beach can i go to CVS and buy some sunblock?"

a normal person would say....

"guys, before we go to the beach can i go to the gas station to pick up a 12 pack?"

"Wow, if i squint really hard, your hair and skin are the same must be a nuuget"

"Hey look tim...they have mint ice must be exctied, becasue mint is your favorite flavor...because your a NUUGET!"

"yo girl, if you go one shade lighter on your hair might be classified as a nuuget"
by THE KING OF NUUGETS May 04, 2010
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