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A disgruntled troll who specializes in taking nuts and bolts off of your drum kit. He is 3ft tall and is attracted by jolly ranchers. If you do not wear the right jolly rancher around your neck, while you are sleeping he will slap you in the face with a big nut. Here is a diagram of what effects different jolly ranchers have on the nut troll.
Green Apple: Angers the Nut Troll, expect to wake up with nut juice on ytour face
Grape: Makes the Nut Troll sexually stimulated due to the purple coloring
Watermelon: Unknown, experiments are being done, but consider this jolly rancher ESPECIALLY DANGEOUS, you may not emerge alive
Blue Rasberry: No one has been brave enough to try this
Beware of the nut troll, he comes in at 3 in the morning and fucks with your shit. The only known way to capture a Nut Troll is to wear a flannel shirt, night vision goggles, have a net gun, provolone cheese, and the most vital part is to wear a condom, otherwise he WILL get you with one of his enormous nuts.
Matt: Mark, im always finding nuts and bolts on my drums in the morning.
Mark: Oh, thats the Nut Troll, man, he comes in at three in the morning and fucks with your shit!
by Neener Shent June 12, 2008
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