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A term of endearment for your wife who has a hysterectomy or her tubes tied. You are then able to deposit your semen as many times without fear of pregnancy or use of condoms.
I love my wife, she's my lil' nut bucket.
by Sundevil March 05, 2007
An uncomfortable jock strap
Man, this nutbucket is makin' my balls itch!
by cycoivan August 31, 2005
a clean ass hatchback
Johnny sure is driving a clean ass blue nutbucket
by chester April 20, 2004
One who chronically and habitually telephones government offices to harass staff with pointless, baseless, non-sensical banter about current events, foreign policy initiatives or pending legislation.
"These darn nut buckets are tying up our phone lines again!"
by Beverly Phillips May 28, 2008

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