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Small town to the east of nice
Oh, and this guy is Chris. He's from Nurples.
by Nurp April 30, 2006
The code name for a significant other, which is used so you can talk about him/her during business hours without attracting suspicion.
"Boy, I love my Nurple," or "Have you seen my Nurple today?"
by therehburglar November 28, 2011
To rhyme with purple in order to balance the world's equilibrium.
Bodie: "Ha ha, you can't rhyme with purple!"
Matty Cool: "Purple NURPLE"
by macz3000 July 20, 2006
the sibling of your brother or sister in law
"these are my brother-in-laws sisters - my nurples, Sally and Jen"
by schoolbus December 06, 2009
just rhymes with purple..
nothing sexual.
red head...
yellow mellow..
green machine..
blue you..
by Gabso February 24, 2007
A slight tweaking of the nipple; not enough to cause purpleness.
My dog likes to be nurpled...
by Quimcy September 12, 2003
A gentle rolling of the nipple between your fingers, preferably during sex, which brings on an intense orgasm for some lucky females.
Oh god baby.. that feels so good... give me a nurple.. I'm going to cum...
by Quimcy September 11, 2003