The act of defecating, urinating and masturbating until orgasm all in one sitting while on the toilet. Thereby combining peeing(#1) pooping(#2) and cumming(#3) equaling six.
I always like to start off my day by going number six.
by Mbigmizzle October 13, 2010
Top Definition
One of 6 personality traits generally exhibited by women. "Number Six" is attainment of a state which involves consumption of high amounts of alcohol where a distinctive change of personality occurs (i.e, akin to Multiple Personality Disorder ) which include one losing all facades and stating the obvious faults of others with an uncanny clarity and bulls-eye accuracy.
When Number Six jumps into Becka no one wants to be around to face the brunt of her comments; knowing they'd have to look into the mirror and realize everything she said was correct.
by Shyantha December 27, 2006
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