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1. When one has a serious hankering for some motherfucking chicken mcnuggets.

2. The act of purchasing said chicken mcnuggets

3. The subsequent consumption of the nuggs
by Nuggmeister General August 04, 2011
An attractive person between the ages of 18-20.
Nuggins are just like teenagers, except you can have sex with them.
by lylyth May 14, 2010
The combination of nurturing and tugging while performing cunilingus.
I was nuggin on that chicks snatch last night and she was loving it.

I want to do some nuggin on Rachael Lilleys pussy flaps. She loves it when I start nuggin with my teeth.

Shes got big pussy flaps that you can be nuggin on all night.
by Lickalotofpuss October 24, 2009
A nugget shaped noggin.
Hey mang, your nuggin smells good cuz I sat on it.
by French Squirreux May 11, 2009
They're your balls, nuts, sack, or family jewels(what you use to teabag someone).
I have great big nuggins.
by Mr.Chink August 10, 2008
The attempt to make a move and say something cute but failing miserably.
by Princess Titanic January 21, 2011
Adjective- Legit, to the most extreme extent.
Tamik: "Those shoes are nuggin', bro."
Jamall: "Thanks, that's one nuggin' afro pic you got there."
by imaspidermonkeeeeeyyyyy October 30, 2008
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