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An attractive person between the ages of 18-20.
Nuggins are just like teenagers, except you can have sex with them.
by lylyth May 14, 2010
10 4
1. When one has a serious hankering for some motherfucking chicken mcnuggets.

2. The act of purchasing said chicken mcnuggets

3. The subsequent consumption of the nuggs
by Nuggmeister General August 04, 2011
25 5
The combination of nurturing and tugging while performing cunilingus.
I was nuggin on that chicks snatch last night and she was loving it.

I want to do some nuggin on Rachael Lilleys pussy flaps. She loves it when I start nuggin with my teeth.

Shes got big pussy flaps that you can be nuggin on all night.
by Lickalotofpuss October 24, 2009
6 6
A nugget shaped noggin.
Hey mang, your nuggin smells good cuz I sat on it.
by French Squirreux May 11, 2009
3 3
They're your balls, nuts, sack, or family jewels(what you use to teabag someone).
I have great big nuggins.
by Mr.Chink August 10, 2008
4 5
The attempt to make a move and say something cute but failing miserably.
by Princess Titanic January 21, 2011
2 4
Adjective- Legit, to the most extreme extent.
Tamik: "Those shoes are nuggin', bro."
Jamall: "Thanks, that's one nuggin' afro pic you got there."
by imaspidermonkeeeeeyyyyy October 30, 2008
3 5