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Hunter: "Yo did you tune in to the nudge at night show last night? Nudge prank called a chinese restraunt!"

James: "Nudge? Isn't that slang for the police? Why the hell are the po po doing that?"

Hunter: "No! Nudge like the nudge at night show! He is hands down the best Radio host ever."
by Hunt587 July 28, 2009
Top Definition
Urban Slang for the police.
hurry up and hide the drugs, the nudge is on our tail.
by Dayquon May 26, 2008
East coast term used to identify a police officer, the term 'nudge' is used as a form of street code to alert people of a police officer's presence without tipping off the officer that any wrong-doing is going down.
When I grow up daddy, I want to be a nudge just like you.

It's a tough job being a nudge, but someone's gotta do it.

I can't accept that bribe, I'm an honest nudge.

You want the nudge!? You can't HANDLE the NUDGE!
by D-masta tha flayva blasta May 12, 2009
Someone who is bothersome or irritating, sort of like a pain in the %#@, but you're saying it with a touch of love.
When my friend Kim starts working my nerves about things, I tell her that she needs to stop being a Nudge
by Christine A. November 14, 2006
To nudge, v.
To draw someone's attention to oneself, usually using means that are annoying to that other person, for example by repeatedly hitting them with one's arm, or using software functions that vibrate windows and play annoying sounds.
Eh? Eh? Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge, Say no more, Say no more. (Monty Python's Eric Idle character in the Nudge Nudge sketch)
by Urban Anonymous November 15, 2007
something done well or good (NZ)
Sheshan: what happened?
Calvin: Hadfield yelled at me in science, but i got Excellence

Sheshan: nudge!!
by from skc June 24, 2011
To wait until the last fucking minute to get in traffic from an HOV lane.
That asshole nudged me at the last second, and almost tore off my bumper.
by Lawrence P April 18, 2008
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