Noynoying is an internet meme that defines an effortless pose, or activity consisting of sitting or standing around, in an unconcerned manner. It is also recognized as "doing nothing when in fact you have something to do."The word is derived from President Benigno Aquino III's nickname, Noynoy, and the suffix -ing, to describe the act of being Noynoy. It is a parody of his work ethic as President of the Philippine..
It should also denote the President making promises that he has no intention of keeping, like eradicating poverty or even just keeping silent.
Because “Noynoying” invariably results in getting nothing of importance done, it is the same as Aquino making promises that he cannot possibly keep. And yes, that includes Aquino’s latest vow to patrol the streets looking for erring policemen like some super-cop, as well
Juan spends all day noynoying.(means doing nothing)
by Joan de la Cruz March 20, 2012
Top Definition
Noynoying (pronounced noy-noy-YING ) is a term used to describe one's inaction despite having the responsibility to do something.

the term originated from a protest gimmick in the form of neologism which critics of Philippine's President Benigno Aquino III have used to question his work ethic, alleging inaction on Aquino's part on the issues of disaster response and of rising oil prices.

A play on the term planking and Aquino's nickname, "Noynoy", Noynoying involves posing in a lazy manner, such as sitting idly while resting their heads on one hand and doing nothing.
Since it's summer break, I'm just here at home 'noynoying.'
by attyjose March 25, 2012
sitting around staring into space, much like philippines president benigno "noynoy" aquino supposedly does instead of running the country.

The article in the wall street journal explains the meaning.
They were caught by their boss noynoying instead of working
by edvicious March 20, 2012
adjective describing a person being too lazy to perform his job. A person who starts his job at noon and takes off at 3 in the afternoon and plays video games at his office.
Benigno Aquino III , the President of the Philippines is annoying because he is noynoying
by life.yin.yang March 19, 2012
Protesting while sitting idly and sometimes resting their heads on one hand.
University of the Philippines Diliman students were noynoying because of rising oil prices.
by SaneMiriam March 16, 2012
A form of protest that carefully copies the actions of President B.S. Aquino of the Philippines, such as sitting with one's head in his hands, staring vacantly into space, sleeping, drooling, tongue-biting, picking lint from his navel, or otherwise doing nothing productive.
Juan's mother was upset that he responded to her request to take out the trash by noynoying.
by Mort Rana March 16, 2012
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