Lerno's absent-minded Polish ass buddy who strokes it studiously and often...His aspirations are noble, yet, he will not claim the title of Big Dog until Lerno graduates
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
Top Definition
one who kicks ass n gets a 6:27.6
Sal will never be able to Nowsk shit.
by Polska Kilbasa? March 12, 2003
See 'flamer'.
I bet you'd like to give it up the ass to Nowsk!
by Whocares? March 14, 2003
Worthless piece of shit.
I heard that Nowsk attacked five pro-choice individuals at a recent protest.
by Thomas Dreary March 12, 2003
vicious kenish who attends canecious, takes it up the ass, and wants to beat lerno but doesn't have a big enough dick
wow..that nowsk knows shit about balancing a boat
by Maaaaaa Diiiiiiiii March 15, 2003
someone whos good at crew but a failure at life.
nowsk has a better erg than sal but sal has alot more friends
by yayabortion March 13, 2003
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