The growing of a very long beard in the month of November and also known as a Contest Held in the Month of November, where high school students will try to grow the best beard as quickly as possible by the end of the Month
"I grew a 8 inch long beard, in two weeks now. I hope i can grow the best Novembeard!"
by Awayk November 06, 2009
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1. A ritual of growing beards on men who normally do not grow beards, but not exclusive to those who do grow beards.

2. A secret plot to convert non beard growers into beard growers.

3. (Novembearding) The act of growing a beard during november.
Hey are you going to participate in Novembeard?

Duh, no shave november all the way!
by stachtober, manuary November 02, 2013
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