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Is a rather stupid Ramadan-er's username that stands for None of Your Business. (on Y!A)
"Noub is one of the most lame and irratating words of all time."
by Another Ramadan-er April 25, 2008
An idiot, a stupid person.
That person was a stupid noub.
by hgjhgvfik November 22, 2004
1- if you don't study on your exams until the next morning because you think its waste of time .
2- if you ask stupid question at the math class, and everyone is like : "were u sleeping all the time ??? " and the only one who answers the smart questions is u .
3- if you get mixed up with the definition of a n00b and a newbie ^^
4- if you DIDN't check the keylogger when ur uncle used your pc to send an email to a secret*lover* .... and u were like: "should i ? shouldn't i ? .. but im curious :S " ------> silly one ... i know
5- if u do whatever u want and calreless of what people might say ...
"hehe, you're such a noub, but we still love you"
by dgtl April 25, 2007
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