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Notter, a slurred form of "not a/an." A notter is an individual who believes that they are truly talented or gifted in a particular area, when they are merely mediocre even with years or even decades of practice.

What sets them apart from the typical douchebag or fucktard, are the elaborate fantasies they weave in order to protect their feeble egos from the numerous insecurities and baggage they drag around. On occasion, they are even able to draw others into this world, resulting in either a circle jerk or marriage.
"Jason is notter very good artist; he hasn't had an original thought in his head his entire life."

"Watch out for that notter. He's racist enough to quit being a soldier over a black president."
by AWESOME-O August 12, 2012
celine hanton
celine hanton 2
by jon January 07, 2004
someone who is not the master
jon is the biggest notter ive ever seen!
by celine ;) January 13, 2004
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