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Term inspired by the Pearl Jam song "Nothingman". Refers to someone who is visibly depressed but when questioned as to what's wrong responds with "Nothing, man."
Dude: What's wrong with Steve?
Other Dude: Dunno, he's being a Nothingman. Maybe we should give him some space.
Dude: Yo, Steve, what's wrong, man?
Steve: Nothing, man..
by Man of the Flag June 06, 2010

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Goodish song by infinitely cool band - Pearl Jam
They're playing Nothingman on the radio.
by Abhishek June 10, 2005
A song by Bruce Springsteen. Nothing man is said to be about how firefighters, police, EMT, soldiers etc. do so much for people, and expect so little in return, and still feel they are just like everyone else, just average joe's.
Adam's a firefighter, but still feels no one owes him anything, and that he is a regular guy. He is the nothing man.
by Mark LS January 08, 2008