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The tugging feeling you get when you watch Harry's face as he receives a cake from Hagrid on his eleventh birthday.
The nostalgia felt when you have a marathon of movies you remember as a child
by luciathemagnificent August 05, 2011
The feeling you get when you play Jak and Daxter.
"Remember the game Jak and Daxter?"
"Yup. Gives me nostalgia from my childhood every time I play it."
by masterblasta7 May 15, 2014
A remembrance of something that was important to you, something that you loved, something you heard as a infant or a toddler, something that is unforgettable.
Me growing up hearing the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, now thats nostalgia to me.
by RevcoVII March 24, 2014
What makes EXes have sex.
"What's up!"
"Hey, I think becky and I kinda got caught up in a nostalgia so we had sex yesterday after the mixer."
by SHREW D April 23, 2010
This is the term used when you are longing to go home i.e you are severely homesick.
The effects of nostalgia affected the girl who was away from her house in Peru for more than twenty years.
by covex4 July 05, 2005
Something that could be sparked up by the smell of a grill.
The smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia.
by Instant Awesome November 01, 2007