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A sexual position common in Minnesota. When you are in a walk-in fridge with a girl and are about to bang, you put her legs up over your shoulders (replicating field goal posts), call an audible and start jerking off until blasting through her legs and on to her face. At the point of impact you smack her in the face with a dead salmon and either yell "he splits the uprights!" or "field goal!". Traditionally done while wearing a Vikings helmet.
Sven: Hi there, can I get some banana peppers on my turkey club?

Shantrelle: Uh, yea, you see I can't get that for you right now. You see, we is all out of them up here and I can't get into the walk-in fridge cause Lars is in there about to kick a Norwegian Field Goal all over Monique's face.
by Brett Fava Beans September 01, 2010
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